What We Do

We don’t make anything, we make anything easier.™


You want to bring your product to the next level.

You don’t want to tweak the UI.

You don’t want incremental improvement.

You want to understand your customers so well that you understand the real deal - how customers interact with your company, your website, or your product in a real world context, complete with competitors, distractions, and well, real life. In the process, you might even identify a game changing opportunity—like understanding that MP3 players aren’t the barrier to purchasing electronic music. Getting the music ONTO the MP3 player is the hard part. Solve that and you’re iTunes!!!

How do you get there? Contextual inquiry, ethnography, in-depth interviews, and task analysis.

Our work has made a difference at GE, HP, IBM, and dozens of other companies, both large and small. They choose Revel Insight because our skills, training, and successful track record make a measurable difference to their products, services and bottom line.

Revel Insight provides the following services:

UX Process Improvement

Your teams develop. They market. They support. They execute. But are they doing it efficiently or wasting precious cycles? Connect the dots and your teams to ensure everyone’s getting the right information in the right timeframe to work together better, more predictably, reducing your costs and increasing your profits.

UX Strategy

Not sure what to focus on? We can help you sort out what will make a real difference in your design to have real impact on the UX.

Whether it’s focusing on features, functionality, interaction mode / style... or just prioritizing improvements (i.e. if you want to increase sales, you might need to focus on navigation, SEO, etc.)

UX Training

Building an in house team? Just want to be more self sufficient? We can help! We design effective UX programs to help companies become self-sufficient in covering UX. From job roles and position descriptions to organizational structure, and what you’ll need from management to make it work across various growth stages.

Just worried about what YOU need to get done? We train individuals and teams in UX best practices and tools so you can continue to improve your UX on your own terms.

Program Management

We’ve designed effective UX programs to help companies be self-sufficient in covering UX and we can help you. From job roles and position descriptions to organizational structure, and what you’ll need from management to make it work across various growth stages.

Mobile & Touch Screen UX Design

Mobile Websites, Responsive Design, and Mobile Apps

Customer Research

Interviews, Contextual Inquiry, Task Analysis, and Surveys

UX and Usability Testing

Heuristic Evaluation, Cognitive Walkthroughs, Expert Review, Usability Testing, and Eye Tracking Studies

UI Design and Prototyping

For Applications, eCommerce, Data Visualization, Mobile Devices, Kiosks, Multichannel and Service Design

Website & Product Reviews

Heuristic evaluation... or evaluating a design / website against principles of usability, human factors and best practices. Doesn’t use real people, but is based on science and principles developed from actual research.